William Hill

SomeOne    2017

Rebranding one of the most recognisable brands in betting was a huge achievement. Leading a team which transformed almost every aspect whilst maintaining the heritage that William Hill carries was a huge undertaking and affected many touch points for the brand. The key link which binds all of the identity together is taken from an angle within the recognisable William Hill logo, we found this angle was 33°. This angle flowed through the entire identity, the typeface, iconography and illustration which all included a 33° subtle twist. We optimised colour palettes, commissioned a custom 3 weight— 8 cut typeface, created a new brand property and were involved in the creation of 3D dynamic football players for communications. The result was a strong united brand able to better communicate with customers and; provided with a fresh new set of assets to what was a tired unregulated brand identity.

More images coming soon...